Custom Printer Profiles

New to Color Management?

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Improve the accuracy of your color managed workflow
and the quality of your print output with my
Custom Printer Profiling service.

If you've never bothered with printer profiles because you thought it was too complicated or expensive, it is easier and more affordable than you think, and the results in your print output will be dramatic!
  • Achieve the best color match between your monitor and print - WSYWIG (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Save money and time - Less paper and ink waste, resulting in lower costs and less hassle time.
  • Get the best out of your printer - Get the full range of colors that your printer is designed to produce.
"I installed the profile this morning, did a couple of tweaks, and we've been printing a variety of pics off and on all day. It's a dramatic improvement. Colors that looked dead and flat now look alive and accurate. Printed pics are much closer to what we see on our computer screen, and they look natural. Nice!  Your service gets an A+ in my book. And unbelievably fast turn around on the profile no less! Good service, good product, good price... What's not to like?"

Bill Rasche
Dublin, OH

Price per profile:

$50 each

Turnaround Time (Approximate): 2 to 3 working days

Order 3 or more profiles and save 10% per profile

Applies to RGB-based Printers only
(Most "multi-ink" Photo Printers, such as Epson, Canon or HP)

"The profiles are incredible! No more having to guess what the picture is going to look like coming out of the printer. I will be adding more profiles in the future"

David DelBiondo
Old Lyme, CT

Just download the the targets and order form from the link below, print them out, and send them to us.  We'll then create a custom printer profile (a small 1 to 2 MB file) and email it back to you.  You will need one profile for each paper/ink/printer combination that you print on.
To get started on your custom printer profile,
follow these 5 simple steps:

1) Download the profiling targets and order form from the link below.

2) Download the PDF "Creating and Using your Custom Printer Profile" for the appropriate software from the links below.

Please note the exceptions below for:

  • Photoshop CS 6 / CC / CC14 / Elements 11 & 12
  • Lightroom (all versions)
  • Mac OS 10.6.x with Photoshop CS4 and an Epson printer

3) Print the profiling targets in Photoshop as detailed in the instructions and fill out the order from.

4) Mail the profiling targets and order form to us.

5) We'll send you back your profile via email.  Complete installation and usage instructions are included in the PDF.


Step 2
Download the appropriate PDF below:

09/14:  Important Note for
  Photoshop CS 6 / CC / CC 2014 / Elements 11 & 12 Users:

I'll keep it simple: You cannot use Photoshop CS6 / CC / CC 14 / Elements 11 & 12 to create your Custom Printer Profile - the "why" is too complicated to get into, but the "No Color Management" option no longer exists (CS4 and earlier), and there is not a "workaround" such as that used in CS5.

So you have 3 choices:

1)  The Best Choice:
  Use an older version of Photoshop to create your Profile - Yes, you can install and keep more than one version of Photoshop on your computer;  you just can't open them at the same time.

2)  A secondary choice for Mac, sometimes PC:  Use the "Adobe Color Print Utility", a free download.   Works fine for a Mac, but it's incredibly "buggy" software and rarely works properly for a  PC - use it as a last resort if you have a PC.
Adobe ACPU Download

3)  A secondary choice for PC -
Use "Photofiltre", a free download - you'll probably have to play with the print sizing, but this program automatically prints with all color management turned off, which you want!
Photofiltre Download

Once your profile is CREATED properly using another program,
                           it can USED in any program that incorporates Color Management,
                      including Photoshop CS6 / CC / CC 2014 / Elements 11 & 12 and Lightroom.


Important Note for
  Lightroom Users:

You cannot CREATE a Custom Printer Profile in Lightroom. However, once your profile is created properly (from Photoshop) it can be USED in any program that incorporates color management, including Lightroom.


Here's what more of my clients have to say:

"John, I received your created profile for the Lex Jet paper last week.  And wow, what a difference it makes over the manufacturer’s furnished profiles - just can’t thank you enough!    
Charles Phillips
Tampa Bay, FL

"Just a note to thank you for the profile. It is terrific. There is nothing quite like the experience of installing a profile, going through the usual workflow, and getting exactly the desired result!"

Robert Caplan, MD
Redmond, WA


"John, I just ran my first print using the profile and it was fantastic. The colors were spot on and the print wasn't dark like the ones I was printing before I got the profile. I'll be sending another set of targets..."

Jim Gillock

Wimberly, TX

"Thanks for doing the profile. Side-by-side comparison with the profile provided by Epson shows that your profile is better than the Epson profile. There is a fairly strong yellow cast in the Epson print while your print is clearly neutral."

Bill Griswold
San Diego, CA