Useful Downloads

Here are two excellent open-source Color Reference Images - these are great for qualitative analysis, ie testing printer output against what your monitor shows, checking lighting conditions, etc.

4800 RGB - Click Here

Photodisctarget - Click Here


New to Color Management?

Here's a link to my FREE PDF,
"The 3 Steps to Successful Color Management" - Click Here ...


What is the "Color Wheel"
and why is it important in Photography?

The "Color Wheel" will help you visualize how the Primary Colors - - Red, Green and Blue - - and their corresponding Complementary Colors - - Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow - - interact with each other. It is a terrific visual reference tool - It will help you better understand your color photography, particularly while in Photoshop or other post-processing software.  Here's a downloadable and printable JPG: Click Here

Coming soon - Workflow Chart