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LightJet 430 Prints are the highest-quality continuous-tone digital photographic prints available today.   LightJet prints are NOT inkjet prints ( a series of ink-spots sprayed on paper), but a proven sensitometric process that's been around for as long as photography - this is true chromogenic photographic output, printed and processed in a darkroom!

With an apparent resolution in excess of 4000 dpi and the widest color gamut of any photographic printer ever made, LightJet prints are the sharpest, highest fidelity prints obtainable anywhere - all the benefits of digital imaging with the rich look and feel of traditional fine art photographs.

Using red, green and blue lasers, the LightJet achieves true continuous-tone photographic output.  The LightJet, with its advanced laser technology, optimizes color range and color resolution.  Its 36-bit color space is capable of producing 68 billion colors, with edge-to-edge sharpness that no other photographic large-format printer can achieve.

All images are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Type CD II material (archival over 60 years). Surfaces available: SuperGloss (FujiFlex), RC Gloss, RC Matte.

In addition, high-end Finishing Services are available for these prints, including basic to advanced mounting and laminating options, from Gatorfoam to Plexiglass.

All necessary enhancement & digital prep work for your image must be completed prior to printing, either by you, or from a file I've created using my "Master File Creation" service. See the "pre-flight"guidelines below...

Digital Print Turnaround Times (Approximate, due to COVID-19):
• 3 to 7 working days
•  With Finishing - add 7 to 14 Working Days

"Pre-flight" Guidelines for LightJet Prints:

Save your image:
  • Save to your desired final print size at 300 ppi
  • Save using Adobe 1998 RGB as your working space. Do not assign or convert your image to any paper profile or working space..
  • Save as a flattened RGB TIFF, 8 bits per channel, do NOT use any compression.


  • Your monitor should be properly calibrated & profiled, preferably with a Monitor Profiling package,such as the X Rite Eye One Display 2. If not, use the Adobe Gamma utility (Windows) or the Monitor Calibrator utility (Mac). See this post on my blog WITH VIDEO for more recommendations on monitor settings in particular, and Color Management in general.
  • A note of caution: You will never get your monitor to be a 100% accurate representation of your print, due to the different physical light properties between your monitor (emitted light) and your print (reflective light), as well as all of the variables inolved. It will never be perfect, but it will be extremely close, eliminating time and waste.  Please note that, although we'll strive to steer you in the right direction, we cannot be responsible for your Color Management system or accuracy.
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