One-on-One Photoshop Instruction
Live via the Internet

Designed Especially for Photographers

Now you're able to sit in front of your computer and spend time learning any aspect of Photoshop "one-on-one" from John Watts - live and interactive, from the comfort of your home or office - using GoToMeetings' simple interface and the power of the Internet. 

We'll be working on YOUR images, and at YOUR pace -
you can be assured of privacy, since we're NOT sharing webcams - only our voices & monitors! 

•  Subject ideas: Build a "Master File" from A to Z, Layer Mask Basics,  Proper Cropping techniques, Dodging & Burning, and so on.  For more ideas, see the Table of Contents from my book, or check out my blog.


$35 per half-hour
$60 per hour

On sale for a limited time:
$30 per half-hour
$50 per hour

You must reserve & make a payment by Friday, September 25th -
- even if we don't meet until sometime in the future!

  • Includes a recording of the session
  • Follow-up questions via email encouraged
  • Based on the proven principles in my Photoshop Book
  • Flexible appointment hours - weekday and evening appointments available
  • Customized to your individual needs & experience level
  • Easy payment via CC / Paypal

 Here's how to get started:

1)  Although it's not absolutely necessary, a USB Headset with Microphone is recommended - They're
 inexpensive ($25 up), and make 2-way communicating a snap.

2)  If you're unsure if your computer system, audio, and internet are "up to the challenge", click here for a GoToMeeting "Self-Check" - (Google Browser required - click here to download).

3)  Purchase my Book or eBook - That way we're on the same page, literally :)

4) To make a reservation,  please contact me directly ...

5)  Once we agree to meet, simple instructions on how to join the online session will be sent to you well in advance.